While many firms “outsource” work to India to lower their cost of delivering their product or service, First Rate has a very different motivation for extending the First Rate, Inc. mission to India. We believe that providing industry-leading wealth management technology and services and making an impact in our communities go hand-in-hand. First Rate is serious about our mission to make an impact on our local, national, and international community. Our primary goals for the First Rate Inc. subsidiary in India, First Rate InfoTech, are to enhance the value we bring to our customers and make an impact on the community of Hyderabad.

First Rate InfoTech Was Born

First Rate InfoTech was founded in 2013 with the mission of carrying out the business and social initiatives of First Rate, Inc. in India.

First Rate InfoTech Has Grown

In less than two years, First Rate InfoTech added 12 new people to their team.



child education

First Rate’s mission is dedicated to living out the values of Love, Give, Serve and Enjoy within the India community to become self-sufficient and thrive alongside First Rate for future growth and development.


orphan youth empowerment

First Rate is passionate about building strong family relationships in India. With 3 families and 9 kids total, they strive to create stronger communities and to prepare future generations.


business initiatives

First Rate InfoTech is dedicated to providing the quality and innovative service to support the overall First Rate vision, culture, and business initiatives.

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